Visual identity: Toimi, koska voit campaign | Fingo

I designed visual identity and digital comms materials for Toimi, koska voit (Act while you can) campaign. With campaign Finnish NGOs, Fingo in lead, wanted to raise the voice of civic activism and activists from all over the world. At the same time campaign reminded us that the activism itself is restricted in many parts of the world – and despite the risks, many are still working for the better future and human rights for us all.


Inka did amazing job with our campaign identity in a really tight schedule! She understood immediately what we wanted to say with our campaign and designed identity that expressed the campaign’s core messages amazingly well. Collaboration with Inka was seamless and her courage to ask even the hardest questions and to share her ideas improved the campaign communications significantly. All in all, the visual identity that Inka created had an important role in the successful campaign. Visual identity was also praised by our collaborators and audiences.

Mika Niskanen, Comms Specialist, Fingo