Content production for the Finnish Dance in Focus magazine

I just love dance! I used to dance by myself but in recent years I have mostly been writing about it. I have wrote several news and articles for the Finnish Dance in Focus magazine (issues 2015–2017). The magazine published once a year showcases artists, phenomena, and ideas on the Finnish dance scene.

Issue 2017
We all dance in Finland – even Santa Claus
Tero Saarinen: At the sources of primal force
Breakdancing against school bullying
Compassion makes us human

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Issue 2016
New Faces: Sonja Jokiniemi

Dancing Finland 2017 – May we have the honour?

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Issue 2015
Kill Carmen – Inspired by Kaurismäki and Tarantino
Finnish breakdancers’ training portal takes street dance all over the world
Habby birthday Sibelius!

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