Marketing and communication materials for Dance House Helsinki

I work as the communication and visual partner of Dance House Helsinki. Dance House Helsinki is the first international venue dedicated to dance in Finland and it’s going to open its doors in 2021. As part of their team I have participated in strategic communication planning, content production and visual design.

I have designed marketing and communication materials, such content series for social media, layout for presentations, brochures and publications, and written several articles and press releases for the Dance House.



GIF celebrating the Helsinki Pride.



Instagram Stories about Dance House Helsinki premises.



PR campaign on Twitter during parliamentary elections.



Digital brochure representing Dance House Helsinki rehearsal studio.



“Ruokalan uudet säännöt”
(Dance House Helsinki website, 11/2019)

“Mun Tanssin talo – nuoret visioimassa Tanssin talon tulevaisuutta”
(Dance House Helsinki website, 02/2019)

“Aivotutkimus: tanssin katsominen aktivoi aistit”
(Dance House Helsinki website, 06/2019)

“Tämä ON intohimotyötä – Kiertoliike pöllytti suhdetta työhön”
(Dance House Helsinki website, 06/2019)