Tone of voice, content production and layout design for Ruoka ja riippuvuus project

I have helped Ruoka ja riippuvuus (food and addiction) project both in visual design and content production. Project offers support for the ones who suffer from uncontrollable eating and educates healthcare professionals about addiction to food and eating.

During their website renewal, I created a distinct, clear, concise yet approachable tone of voice for the project and along with it produced text content for their new website. Check their website here.


“Oletko valmis muutokseen? Syömisestä voi muodostua riippuvuus – mutta riippuvuudesta voi toipua.”


I have also designed a printed workbook for the project including layout design, illustrations and copywriting. The workbook shares some practical tips and advice on how to cope and eventually heal from food and eating addiction.











Additionally I have designed marketing materials, such posters and roll-ups for the project – including both visual design and copywriting.